Kudos Charlotte Zimmermann

Charlotte Zimmermann’s piece titled “Libelle” won first place on our 2022 Judged Show’s Student Division.

Here is how she responded when asked about her art and being and artist.

“I entered a paper cut piece of a dragon fly that I named “Libelle.” It is by far my favorite piece I’ve made/entered. I started taking art classes this year, so I’ve only been an artist for a year. My art teacher Mrs Glass helped me to develop a love for art and her work has definitely influenced me the most. Having her as a teacher and role model has been an amazing experience and I will forever be grateful. My art is inspired by things I see and hear. For example, Libelle had several details around it resembling fire, pearls, and leaves. Overall, the most rewarding part of becoming an artist has been getting to create things people will enjoy. “