2023 VAS Members Only Show

Aqua VitaTransformation and RenewalMembers only Art ShowSept 1 - Oct 3 2023


Aqua Vita, the water of life, has many meanings. Water is a symbol of new beginnings, transformation, cleansing, renewal and hope, and a symbol for change.

We are ending our 50th anniversary celebration with our annual Members Only Art Show! All members are invited to submit entries. The general theme is water: the physical entity of water in all its forms, but you can also think of the symbolism of water. It can represent the change that we experience in our own lives, as we grow and mature. It can also represent the change that we see in the world around us, as the environment changes and evolves. Water is a reminder that change is a natural part of life. It is something that we cannot control, but it is something that we can embrace. Change can be scary, but it can also be exciting. It can be a time of new beginnings, new opportunities, and new challenges. Water is a powerful symbol of change, and it can help us to understand and embrace the changes that are happening around us. (partially written by Bard AI)

All submissions must be family-friendly. Entries cannot have been exhibited in a previous Visual Art Society or Brazos Valley Art League show.

If you are not a current member, you may join or renew online. Student members will get 50% off submission fees using the code: 3EMMEYFN at checkout.


  • Online submissions open: June 9, 2023
  • Extended Deadline: Friday, August 25, 2023
  • Notification: by Monday, August 28, 2023 (if you need to know sooner, contact shows@visualartsociety.org
  • Art Drop-off: August 30 (9am-6pm) at Degallery, 930 N Rosemary Dr., Bryan TX 77802. If you cannot make this time contact Daria Dega to make arrangements for drop off by emailing shows@visualartsociety.org. Items may be shipped to Degallery c/o Visual Art Society and must arrive with prepaid return shipping label, properly labeled for show and ready to hang, prior to August 30.
  • Opening Reception: September 1 (6pm-8pm)
  • Unsold Art Pickup: October 4 (TBA) contact Daria Dega at shows@visualartsociety.org before October 4, if you cannot pick up during this timeframe.


The general theme for this show is water: its physical forms and its symbolism.

Commissions from sales will be divided with 60% to the artist, 20% to VASBCS, 20% to DEGALLERY.

Degallery and VAS kindly request that any artwork displayed for sale in the upcoming VAS show be priced the same as if offered for sale through the artist’s studio, website, or art platform for the duration of the show, and for 30 days after the show closes. If a collector contacts you to purchase a piece on display in the show, please refer them to Degallery. Additionally, if a piece is sold within 30 days of the show closing, Degallery and VAS request that you collect and pay the commissions (20% for VAS + 20% for Degallery) as if the piece had been sold during the exhibition. This will go far to maintain a good faith relationship between artist and gallery.

All works sold and unsold must remain in the show until the closing date. Any works removed early will result in the artist being banned from any future shows. 

All art must be picked up during the allotted time unless special arrangements have been made ahead of time.

2D pieces longer than 60” on any side (including frame) will not be accepted. No more than one 60” work will be accepted from any entrant.

All works must be family-friendly. Entries cannot have been exhibited in a previous Visual Art Society or Brazos Valley Art League show

Images of the entry/entries must be submitted by jpg, jpeg files (SRGB or RGB profile, no larger than 4 MB) for jurying into the show. Uploading of images is part of the entry process and more information is provided on the entry form. Your images should be sharp & clear. Your images must not include matting or framing, only the piece of art itself. It is important that your work be well represented. Images of accepted works may be posted on the VAS website along with award winning artists from the show. By entering you grant permission to VAS reproduce the artwork in the
marketing materials or on the VAS website, for promotional and educational purposes.

VAS reserves the right to refuse to show any entry not accurately represented by the images submitted during entry or not suitably presented for exhibition. 

Accepted entries for the show must be wired properly for hanging so the hanging committee does not have problems. If any of the pieces are extremely heavy or particularly fragile in framing, they will not be included in the exhibit without advanced special arrangements with the hanging committee. No saw tooth hangers or clip on frames will be accepted. All artwork must be completely dry and ready to hang or display when submitted during intake for the show/exhibit. VAS reserves the right to exclude works from the exhibition that are not gallery-ready and professional in presentation.

All sculptures/pottery must have a stable base.

Drawings and pastels must be under glass or acrylic.

The following information must be attached to back of the art work: Artist Name, Mailing Address, Phone, Email, Selling Price, Title, & Medium for this show.  This label form may be downloaded and used but is not required.

Artists are responsible for all delivery, pick up and insurance for the works submitted. 


The Brazos Valley Art League, dba Visual Art Society of Bryan-College Station, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization operated by volunteers who are artists and art appreciators, for artists, with no reserve or endowment. All proceeds from entry fees fund project-related expenses. Not unlike paying a fee to enter a marathon race, your entry fee democratically enables our organization’s projects to happen. For over a 50 years the Visual Art Society has earned a reputation for producing quality exhibits, benefitting the artists involved and the public, on its meager budget. Our all volunteer board of directors and small dedicated team of members work hard to make involvement with VAS projects well worth the effort and cost to do so.

Simply by participating in a VAS project or becoming a member you are helping this grass-roots organization do its work and achieve its mission.


Preferably, all entries should be submitted online using the correct form. Entry fee is $30 for up to 3 entries and $20 for 3 additional entries — for a maximum of 6 entries per member. Student members will get 50% off entry fee using the coupon code: 3EMMEYFN when they pay. If you wish to enter more than 3, make sure submit and pay for entries 1-3 then return here to submit the second form.

You may also enter by email by providing the following for each entry:

  1. Artist Name
  2. Phone
  3. Title of artwork
  4. Medium
  5. Selling price if you are selling your work, or write NFS (not for sale).
  6. Dimensions in inches: with frame and without frame: Height x width x depth (if needed for 3-D work)
  7. Attach a jpg image file of the artwork
  8. Payment must be received prior to entry deadline. Submit a Paypal payment to treasurer@visualartsociety.org or mail a check to PO Box 9346, College Station TX 77842

Assistance with Online Entry Submissions

If you need assistance photographing your work and/submitting the registration form, we offer help by appointment. Email webmaster@visualartsociety.org to make an appointment for assistance either in person at DEGALLERY or over the phone.

Entry Process

Choose a form to complete. Then click SUBMIT and PLEASE WAIT approximately 30 seconds for all of your files to be uploaded. (We are working with our webhost to speed things up!)

You will then be redirected to a payment form, on a new tab, where you can complete the payment process.

Troubleshooting form issues:

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