Artist Divisions & Artwork Categories for Show Entries


Each Artist entering will make their own division choice based on their level of experience with creating art. The following are guidelines to aid you in selecting your division.

  • Professional – If you have been selling or actively seeking to sell your work for two or more years, then this is your division. You may also enter this division if you believe your work is of this standard and you want to compete at this level. If you are promoting yourself as a professional elsewhere or on your website, please be sure you are competing in the professional division.

  • Semi-Professional – If you have a degree in art or significant training in your category of entry, then this is your division. If you have a website even though you are not actively selling your work this is your division. You may also enter this division if you believe your work meets these standards even though your status would be a non-professional level or below, but desire to compete at this level. Those with college degrees in art should consider Semi-Professional or Professional as an appropriate division.

  • Non-Professional – This division is for the accomplished artist with more than three years of self-study who love their work and is not seeking to sell their art. Adult Students and high school students may compete in this category if they choose.

  • Adult Student – This is for the adult who has created artwork for less than three year either through self-study or under the direction of an art teacher. The work must be completed by the student with no hands-on work done by a teacher. Only verbal assistance is allowed. The teacher may give any verbal assistance needed; however, the teacher MAY NOT PHYSICALLY WORK ON the artwork to be entered in a show.  After 2 years of College Art (4 art courses) or 3 years as a self taught Adult Student, the entrant MUST enter the Non-Professional Division.  This is the only division where one is REQUIRED to move up after a set time.

  • High School Student – This division is for students in grades 9 – 12.


There are 10 categories of awards in each of the Artist Divisions. Artists may enter pieces in one category, or several categories.  The categories are divided by “types of art”. First, second & third place ribbons can be awarded in each of the categories in each Award Division with the best overall piece in the division receiving the cash award. The judge may award honorable mention awards at their discretion. The judge is not obligated to award place ribbons and may withhold ribbons if entries in a particular category do not merit them. Each artist will decide into which category to place their work. No artist may win more than two awards in a category.

A. Abstract/Experimental/Non-Objective

B. Digital Art – All forms of digital art including photography that has been greatly manipulated or altered using technology

C. Drawing – Drawing, etching, printmaking, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal and scratchboard done in a non-painterly style

D. Mixed Media – Artwork displaying two or more types of media, including but not limited to collage, encaustic painting and other mixed media

E. Painting O – Oil, acrylics, egg tempera used in the classic manner of oils

F. Painting W – Watercolor, acrylic used in the manner of classic watercolor

G. Pastel – Pastel & oil pastel used in a painterly style including pastel over watercolor under painting

H. Photography – Digital or film photography minimally manipulated or altered using technology

I. Sculpture – 3-D forms in various media, including sculptures in relief.

J. Studio Fine Crafts – Original fine crafts created in a studio environment including glass blowing, stained glass, printmaking, pottery, porcelain, woodwork, jewelry, mosaic, weaving, fiber art, metal work, or other finely crafted items.