Before I joined Brazos Valley Art League, I knew I could paint, sort of. Greta Watkins at The Frame Gallery encouraged me and sold two of my early pieces. She also said, “Chris, you should join the art league.” But I didn’t think I was good enough yet. My family liked my work, of course, but I’d never entered art fairs or shown in any other galleries or venues.


Finally, I decided it was time to join. At our first Member Show, the three paintings I entered garnered some attention, and one of them sold, but more important was what I learned at that event and at others since then. I didn’t know what a gallery looks for in acquiring new artists, didn’t know how to act around potential buyers, didn’t know what to say when someone asked about my paintings—those are things I learned right away.


Since then, thanks to BVAL, I’ve shown in a number of venues, including the BVAL Member Shows and Judged Shows. I’ve seen monthly demonstrations of how other great artists work. I’ve had guidance in framing and hanging and how to approach a gallery. For my part, I got involved as Membership Chair, which gave me greater access to what was happening. I’ve always believed that you get more from being involved than from sitting on the sidelines.


Could I have learned all these things elsewhere? Probably, but not from such a supportive group of artists. And now that I’ve reaped the benefits, I will continue to stay involved to lend my support to new artists who join BVAL. Art is fun, but the business of art is not always easy, and it’s important to give back and lend support any way we can. Artists need one another.


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