BVAL Presents: “Starving Artists Sale” 

at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church parish hall,  217 W 26th Street, Bryan, TX

Saturday October 5, 10:30am - 5pm

Contact person:  Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt, BVAL treasurer,




Artist & Eligibility
  • Open to all artists. There is no theme. We cannot accept any works which are politically, religiously or sexually charged. Tasteful nudes are accepted.

  • There is no requirement to be a member of the Brazos Valley Art League (BVAL).

  • Entries must meet the deadline for application & payment (if a non-member).

  • Art is defined for this sale as any expression of art that is original with you:  painting, pastels, fabric art, photography, pottery, wearable art, folk art, prints of your work, etc.


Entry Fee
  • Members $0

  • Non-Members $50

  • Each artist is allocated approximately 6’ x 8’ space, however depending on participation, you may be given more space.  You are encouraged to bring your own easels, tables, etc.  There is no limit to the number of pieces.  We suggest you bring extra and keep them in your car just in case we can find you more space.


  • This is a 360° panorama of the space.  It is a rectangular space about 33’ x 44’. There are a total of eight 6’ round tables, two rectangular 8’ tables and a fair amount of wall space.  We can remove some tables and chairs. We cannot put nails in the wall.  There is a hanging system, but each can handle only a total of 33 lbs and there are only 24 total.  We do have extra hooks.  We are going to bring our pro-panels. Each person who wants one might be able to have one 7’x4’ panel to hang art.  BVAL will bring the hooks. As a league, we will all have to work together to share the space and make sure everyone has a fair share of the space. BVAL does have both floor and table easels, but not enough for everyone.



What You as an Artist Receive:
  • A space to showcase and sell your work.

  • Free advertising via TV, radio, social media, local calendars and print

  • No tax worries – BVAL will take care of collecting and submitting sales tax to the state.

  • All artists are responsible for their own space and should stay the entire time, or pair up with another artist to split their time. 

  • Each artist is required to have a receipt book with duplicates.  When a person wants to buy an item, the artist will write out the receipt with price and the person will take a copy of the receipt and the item to the treasurer near the door, where they will pay.  


Important Dates
  • Deadline to submit entry form & fees: Monday September 30, 2019

  • All art and display hardware (easels, etc) will be brought to the church on Saturday October 5th, 2019 between 8am and 10am. Please take into account the time it will take you to set up your display.  The entrance is on the east side – see photo. Do not park in reserved spots. Take down begins at 5pm.


Commission on Sales 

      (Note: BVAL will be collecting and paying sales tax for all sold art.)


  • Artist  75%

  • BVAL  25%



Entry and Payment 

All participants must fill out the registration form online.  All non-members must pay online. No walk-in entries will be accepted.


How to enter and pay online at BVAL Starving Artists Sale Registration Form at

  1. Submit the Online Entry Form with 1-3 images of your art.  Each image should be no more than 500 KB. The images will be used for advertising the event.

  2. After submitting the entry form, you will be redirected to a page where non-members can pay online using PayPal, debit, or credit cards.

  3. Please email Wendy Keeney-Kennicutt with your space preferences and needs:  wall space, ½ church table, full church table, easels, hanging system, pro panel space, etc. We will do our best to accommodate you, but if you are going to continue selling your art, you may want to invest in display hardware (easels, panels, etc.)

You must complete entry and payment on or before Monday, September 30, 2019. Artists are responsible for all art and personal insurance.




You are responsible for labelling your items.  Bring your own receipt book.


Terms and Waiver

The BVAL will take responsible precautions to prevent damage to or loss of the works in the sale; however, artists are advised that they are participating in the market at their own risk. The BVAL will not be responsible for loss or damage. By deciding to sell at our art market, you agree to hold harmless and blameless the Brazos Valley Art League, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and any of their employees, members or agents, from loss, theft, damage or injury to any materials submitted for sale. By submitting an application and/or entry you release the BVAL and St. Andrew's Episcopal Church and all of their duly appointed representatives of all liability and responsibility for any injury, damage or loss sustained by exhibitors, guests, or works of art before, during or after Brazos Valley Art League “Starving Artist Sale” or as a result of the display of your work, equipment or materials.


If you need more information, have questions or need assistance, email, call or text Wendy Keeney Kennicutt, BVAL Treasurer @ 979-492-0262.

Registration is closed


Thanks for participating and if you cannot, stop by and support local art and artists!

930 N. Rosemary Dr

Bryan, TX 77802

PO Box 9346

College Station, TX 77842

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