Join us January 11th @ 11:30am for "Insect Narratives" with Greg Lewallen


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At 11:30am, January 11, 2021 we kick off the new year with Greg Lewallen, an art professor at Baylor University. Since he was a little boy, Greg Lewallen has collected objects of natural history, from insects and birds to reptiles and animal skulls. These are often the subjects of his artwork. His personal fascination with the natural world has led him on collecting expeditions to exotic and remote regions of Africa and tropical America and provided him with a lifetime’s worth of material to draw and paint. For Greg, the compulsion to collect and draw is directly linked to his desire to share his fascination with those that may not otherwise see the beauty in the miniature world that is all around us.

Join us at 11:30am for food and fellowship. The presentation begins promptly at noon. 930 N. Rosemary Dr., Bryan Tx.

Biographical Statement

"I was born and raised in Waco, TX and have lived outside of the greater Waco area for only few years of my life. I remember dreaming of traveling to exotic places around the world to collect insects as a small boy, and one of my favorite memories of growing up here is when the Wally Tabor Show came to town. Mr. Tabor was a big game hunter who filmed his hunts in the wilds of Africa and Asia, and then took the films on tour and narrated them in person. Meeting Mr. Tabor only fed fuel to the fire of my young imagination. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I realized that my financial lot in life was not conducive to such travel. However, by not giving up on those childhood dreams, I have since been fortunate to visit 18 countries from Central and South America, Africa and Europe. All these collecting expeditions have netted a plethora of insect specimens that are now the subjects of my artwork. The melding of two of my passions insect collecting and drawing has changed each in a different way. I no longer collect insects to keep expanding a collection, but for the express purpose of using them for subjects in my artwork. This series of Insect Narratives is now my main body of work and has the potential to take me well into retirement and beyond, as there are so many bugs and so little time. In fact, this series of drawings, and the individual stories that are written on them, has been so popular that an autobiographical artist’s book is now being considered."

930 N. Rosemary Dr

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