Monthly Meeting Demonstrations

Date/Time: January 6, 2020 12:00pm

Location: DeGallery 702 University Dr. E., #102D, College Station TX 77840

Featured Artist: Deborah Reed-Propst

A native of Waco, Texas, Deborah earned a Bachelors of Fine Art in Drawing and Painting from the University of North Texas.  Her studies included printmaking, textiles, and education.  She enjoyed a lifelong career as an art educator teaching all ages in locations around the world.

Life memories, teaching, traveling, and dreams serve as inspirations which shape her artistic style. Deborah reflects, "The body of my work blends fantasy with reality.  I am a mixed media artist.  Many times, it takes more than one medium within the same piece to fulfill or satisfy my vision.  When I have an idea for a new artwork, it comes from a dream or inspiration.  Then I choose the tools which can best illustrate that vision or daydream.  I really do not have a favorite medium, although watercolor and acrylic are the media I choose most often. I often enjoy combining ink and colored pencil details with the loose watercolor washes.  I like the tightness and the looseness together to bring variety to the work."

Date/Time: February 3, 2020 6:00pm

Location: DeGallery 702 University Dr. E., #102D, College Station TX 77840

Featured Artist: Lee James

Lee James has been drawing in one form or another all his life. He began painting 36 years ago due to a challenge from his then 7 year old son, now a local doctor in Waco. The interest grew, the paintings sold, and the awards and recognition came. But his art career was to remain more in the background while his primary focus was dedicated service to IBM in Engineering and Management roles, Siemens as an Engineer and Corporate Trainer, followed by 8 years as an Independent Consultant until he retired from the corporate world in late 2015. In all, 50 years passed, and it was time to do what he always loved! Now, it’s forefront, 24 x 7! He set out to reinvent himself as an artist. “I’m not who I was 30+ years ago, so it follows that my art had to change and come from the heart and spirit of who I am today.” Research, study, experimentation, self-discovery, a lot of soul searching and a turn to palette knife brought the refinement and change he wanted. The artist’s journey continues with new meaning and purpose. His style is impressionistic, while evoking the illusion of realism. Vibrant color, created through real-time application of multiple unmixed acrylic colors directly on the canvas, along with playful texture, are hallmarks of his technique. “I never mix color on the palette!”


Primarily self-trained, Lee has studied at NC State University, Stanford University, College of the Atlantic Bar Harbor, Maine, and numerous workshops with nationally recognized artists. Lee operates out of his McGregor, TX Studio, Downtown McGregor Gallery, online at

Date/Time: March 2, 2020 12:00pm

Location: DeGallery 702 University Dr. E., #102D, College Station TX 77840

Featured Artist: Judi Simon

Judi Simon is a professional illustrator, graphic designer, art director and medical artist whose career spans over 40 years in the commercial art, health education, medical illustration, and consumer products fields. Many of her illustrations are printed in newspapers, magazines, books, as well as used in audio visual presentations for medical students and other professional organizations. She has won numerous advertising awards for her graphic design and packaging concepts for a variety of consumer products. 


Her background and formal education are in Her work appeared in many exhibits throughout Central Texas and won many awards. She teaches porcelain art throughout Texas and offers private lessons at her studio in Hewitt, Texas.


“I have always been a technical, representational artist and now have chosen to create images that are “moments from my life” when I saw something or traveled somewhere or met someone who made a lasting impression on me at that time. I try to capture these special  “moments” , not like a photograph would, but with a unique emphasis on color, shape and lighting that made that moment special in my mind's eye. My hope is that when someone sees my painting, it also can create an emotional link with a place, an object or a person meaningful in their life.

Date/Time: TBD (April meeting has been cancelled.)

Location: DeGallery 702 University Dr. E., #102D, College Station TX 77840

Featured Artist: Maegan Kirschner

Maegan presents truly out-of-the-box thinking and execution of her abstract and non-objective art. She received her bachelor degree from Missouri Southern State University, home schooled art students, and is now a freelance artist operating in Royce City, Texas. Exhibits across the Dallas/Fort Worth area included her work as well as several newspapers and magazines.


“I am an artist that uses industrial and recyclable materials to create art work that is considered mixed media. Paints, papers, and metal become expressive parts of the overall project. All of my work is of the abstract genre and becomes fluid as it is conceived. The work focuses on canvas being the base, but I branch out to sculpture pieces as well. I have multiple sclerosis (MS) which can create a challenge physically creating the work. The process of thinking out a project to physically creating allows an outlet for physical, mental, and cognitive therapy in living with MS. The vision of my work is to create depth and texture that causes the audience to dive in and immerse themselves into the piece to fully connect with the emotions and messages within each artwork.”

Date/Time: TBD

Featured Artist: Cynthie Hanks

Cynthie is an accomplished pastel artist who has shown at the SEAD Gallery and at Brazos Valley Arts Council Shows. She has won many award and recognition for her work. She has significant showing of her work at the new Lost Creek Gallery in Calvert along with others who have fostered this new gallery.


“I am constantly amazed with nature and our connection to this planet earth. The perpetual give and take within the circle of life is forever on my mind as I view nature, realizing that a moment is instantaneous, making that moment gone in an instant. Capturing nature and its creatures has always been my focus when creating. I am attracted to color, shape and light. The balance and guidance of these elements specifically leads the eye around a painting like a dance. I find the challenge in creating what nature shows me and am always looking for a great dance!”

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